Turn Your Hobby Into a Money-Making Business

A virtual summit event to help you turn your hobby and passion into a business so you can earn money from doing what you love

Dates: January 24th - 25th, 2023

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Why Attend?

Starting a business from your hobby can give you the financial freedom you crave and deserve.

By leveraging your creativity and natural skills, you can generate additional income by doing something that is enjoyable and meaningful to you. In other words, not just another J-O-B!

Your entrepreneurial journey will redefine what financial success looks like for you, providing the ability to live life on your own terms.

Meet our Expert Speakers

Our speakers are internationally recognized in variety of areas to help you start making money right away from doing what you love.

Destini Copp

Turn Your Hobby Into a Side Hustle (and make money right away)

Lauren Keplinger

Jumpstart Your Etsy Shop to Sell Your Crafts

Rebecca Inkrote

Launch a Website for your New Business: A 3 Phase Approach

Janet LeBlanc

When to Worry about Taxes for Your Hobby (or Business!)

Brandi Mahon

How to Turn Your Crafty Hobby into a Side Hustle

Tonia Kendrick

Systems Success: How to Use Systems and Processes to Organize Your Business

Karin Rozell

How to Create a Tiny, But Mighty Service-Based Business During School Hours

Aditi Mishra

Turn Your Hobby Into a Business in 5 Steps

Amy Jo

How to Unlock Your Uniqueness and BUST Through Creative Blocks

Trina Esquivelzeta

How to Get Started on Etsy

Stephanie Desaulniers

Building a Business You Love

Sunita Prodan Benolic

5 Ways To Turn Your Skills Into a Thriving Business

Chris Butler

How to Price Your Crafts to Drive Sales

Pamela Grice

Making the Transition from Hobbyist to Business Owner

Melissa MacDonald

Your Etsy Listing Visibility Score - What it is & How to Maximize it

LaKisha Mosley

Using PLR to Grow Your Business

Jess Van Den

5 Things you MUST do to Have a Successful Online Handmade Business

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The summit will take place Tuesday - Wednesday, January 24th - 25th, from 9am - 10pm ET.



Speaker presentations will run from 20-30 minutes in length and be available for viewing for a minimum of 24-hours.



All attendees are invited to join the summit Facebook Group where you'll have the opportunity to network with the speakers and other attendees.



The summit is entirely virtual and can be accessed remotely through your phone or computer.

In addition, most sessions will be available through a private summit podcast feed for learning on the go while walking your dog, working out, or in your car.



You'll have the opportunity to purchase an all-access pass which contains speaker presentations and other valuable gifts from our expert speakers.

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You may be asking...

How much does it cost to attend?

It's FREE! Each session will be available for 24-hours. After that they will be saved in the HobbyScool VIP all-access pass . If you have the all-access pass, you can watch or re-watch any time you want.  

When is this whole thing happening?

The summit runs from Jan 24th - 25th.

The event is entirely virtual so you can learn from the comfort of your own home.

Will all the speakers get my email address?

No way! The only person you'll get emails from after you sign up is from HobbyScool so be sure to open up and whitelist our emails. That's so you can get all the updates for the summit and links to each day's videos. After the summit is over, you'll continue to hear from HobbyScool, but you can unsubscribe at any time.

As for the speakers, the only way your email address will be shared with them is if you choose to sign up for their free gift.

Learn more in our Privacy Policy.

I need help with (fill in the blank)...

If you need assistance during the event, please email the host of the event, at support@hobbyscool.com. We will answer your questions as soon as possible!

What will I get out of this event?

We are proud to have some of the best experts in the HobbyScool Summit. They've all been hand picked and have "been there, done that experts," who will help you turn your hobby into a money-making business.

Learn How to Turn Your Hobby Into a Money-Making Business

Event Dates: January 24th - 25th, 2023

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