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Dates: May 7th - 8th


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Day 1 Summit Schedule

Speaker Presentations are live at 9:00 AM ET & are available for free for 24-hours; see links below to access speaker pages

Jillian & Jordan of Loveleigh Loops
How to Start Calligraphy as a Hobby

Supplies Needed:
Regular pen and paper

Annette Browning
Itajime Shibori: The Art of Fold & Dye

Supplies Needed:
Natural fiber fabric s.a. cotton or wool
Indigo Dye Kit OR (Indigo dye powder
+ Soda Ash* + reducing agent s.a.
Sodium Hydrosulfite*)
5 Gallon bucket with a lid
Long stick for stirring
4 Gallons very warm water
Plastic container
Various items to make shapes such as
wooden circles, squares or triangles (2
each), rubber bands, clamps

Einat Kessler
3 Basics of Art Journaling

Supplies Needed:

• Art journal or Watercolor Paper
• Watercolors
• Collage Tissue Paper Image
• Permanent black pen

Consie Sindet
Floral Watercolor Doodled Journaling Cards

Supplies Needed:
• White cardstock, mixed media or watercolor paper (8.5"x11")
• Watercolors
• Round brushes
• Black Sharpie Pen or paint pen
• Lined notebook paper
• Glue stick

Colleen Pastoor
Faux Brush Lettering
for DIY

Supplies Needed:
Any marker, pen or paint marker

Shelley Hitz
Brush Lettering for Beginners: How to Get Started the Best Way for Success

Supplies Needed:

Brush Pens or Marker Brush Pens
Any Paper or Canson Marker Paper

Heidi Baergen
How to Design a Lettering Composition (from sketch to final piece)

Supplies Needed:

• Pencil

• Lined paper
• Tracing paper
• Drawing pens
• Water-based markers (like Crayolas)
• Plastic bag

Tami Macala
Book Page Mantra Board

Supplies Needed:

• Wooden cradle board or any piece of wood 5"x7"
• Vintage books for ripping pages out of Matte Medium
• Paintbrushes
• Acrylic paint & Art Pens
• Apoxie Sculpt Black and Safety Solvent
• Polymer Clay blade

Polymer Clay acrylic roller
• Stamping letters
• Mica powders
• Rub-n-Buff silver or gold

Miranda Balogh
Watercolour for Beginners: Essential Techniques and Washes

Supplies Needed:

Any watercolour paints (tubes or pans)
A round watercolour brush (medium size) to paint the techniques
A flat watercolour brush (medium size) to paint the washes
Watercolour paper
2 jars of water
A mixing tray or palette
A cloth is optional

Day 2 Summit Schedule

Speaker Presentations are live at 9:00 AM ET & are available for free for 24-hours; see links below to access speaker pages

Rachel Rose
Calm, Curious & Compassionate Art Journaling

Supplies Needed:

One piece of art quality Paper
Your favorite colour mediums

• collage papers (found materials, old books etc.)

• pen and paper for writing

Maira Vial
Silhouette Word Collage with Hand Lettering

Supplies Needed:

• Paper & Pencil
• Monoline pens or Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen
• Lightbox (Optional)

Kerrie Woodhouse
Expressive Watercolour Trees

Supplies Needed:

• a large round watercolour brush
• watercolour paints
• watercolour paper (preferably 300gsm, cold pressed)

Christie Daugherty
Expressing your Faith through Art: Lettering & Watercolor

Supplies Needed:

• frixion erasable pen
• sparkle pop pens
• washi tape
• Pelikan watercolors
• XL Cason Mixed Media paper
• painters black paint marker
• heat gun
• paper towels
• water
• water brush or paint brush
• grey marker (any brand)
• white sign gel pen

Kelly Moore
Making Stickers with Silhouette Print & Cut

Supplies Needed:
• Silhouette Studio Designer Edition
• Silhouette Cameo
• Ink jet printer
• White matte sticker paper

Shinah Chang
Easy Calligraphy w/
No Special Tools

Supplies Needed:

WRITING TOOL: Such as a sharpened pencil or mechanical pencil or a fine-tipped gel pen (a large-tipped or very inky pen, such as a felt-tipped marker, is not recommended)
The Worksheets I provided printed out on regular paper

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